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Visual Arts

Fine art – Applied arts – Photography

Fine Art

Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery, located in the castle district, has a number of permanent exhibitions including the late Gothic superb winged altar pieces, and works from the medieval period right up to the pre-1945 period.

Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

The Ludwig Museum features both Hungarian and international pieces from the past 50 years including popart and hyperrealism. The aim of its founders, the Ludwigs, was to bring East and West closer through art.

Hall of Art

The Hall of Art (Műcsarnok), close to the City Park, is Budapest’s main centre for modern art. It does not have its own collection but organises temporary exhibitions, including installations and photography.

Vasarely Museum

The Vasarely Museum is located in Buda and not only gives a comprehensive overview of the artist’s work, but offers guided tours for school parties as well as workshops.

Kogart Gallery

Kogart’s focus is on promoting contemporary young artists. The gallery also hosts exhibitions of primarily Hungarian artists; it is located near the City Park.

Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts

The Hopp Museum is a small gallery and museum featuring the private collection of the Hungarian traveller, Ferenc Hopp. There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions – the museum is located near the City Park.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts – this gallery is closed for renovations until 2018.

Applied Art

Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts is worth a visit just to admire the beauty of the building itself. It has both permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as special events connected to festivals such as Easter or Christmas; small workshops are also organised.

Miksa Róth Museum

Miksa Róth’s art nouveau stained glass decorates some of Budapest’s most beautiful buildings: the Opera House, the Liszt Music Academy, the National Bank, St Stephen’s Basilica and countless other public buildings, as well as some private flats. His house has been made into a museum where his living quarters and workshop can be visited, as well as an exhibition of his works.

Imre Varga Museum

Budapest has many interesting statues and Imre Varga is a popular sculptor whose statues and museum can be found on the Buda side of the city. His works can also be found around Budapest in various locations.


Hungarian House of Photography

This eight-storey building was the home of Manó Mai, a professional photographer, both as a studio and to exhibit photographs. Today, exhibitions are organised on four floors of the building; the famous Daylight Studio is on the second floor. It was Manó Mai’s intention to promote photography as an art form, and this resolution is continued to the present day.

Robert Capa Centre

The Capa Contemporary Photography Centre seeks to show the best in contemporary visual arts and photography with constantly changing exhibitions. The centre is housed in Pest in a beautiful, 100-year-old cultural centre.


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