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Budapest is in the centre of Europe – just over two hours’ flight from the UK. Many airlines fly between London and Budapest (BA, Wizzair, Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian) and there are also direct flights from many other UK cities: Bristol, Manchester, East Midlands airport, Edinburgh, Dublin, as well as countless airlines and direct routes from major European cities.

Below you will find all the tours detailed in our Itineraries pages, with approximate entrance ticket prices*, and other details. If there is something particular you would like to visit which is not included here, please let us know – we can organise it for you!

Generally, one tour will take half a day, i.e. either the morning or the afternoon. Where two museums or activities are smaller and close together, it may be possible to cover two. We will let you know when you contact us and give us an idea of what you’d like to do. Times of Walking Tours are given below.

*Ticket prices below are given as a guide only – they may change and will also depend on the size of the group. We have included this information only to offer you the chance to work out an approximate budget.
Prices are given in local currency, the Hungarian Forint, approx. £1=350; €1=300.
Other approximate costs – for public transport etc. – are given at the bottom of the page.

Simply let us know when you’re coming, how much time you have available, what your major interests are, and what you’d like to do!

Tour timings & costs*

The prices given below are only the cost of entry tickets and do not include our services. You can find our fees listed here:

    Themed Tours with expert guides or lecturer (e.g. Walking Tours): average price per group 65,000HuF (for your particular group size please ask us for a quote).
    Our fees for accompanying you to your chosen destination (museum etc.), including pre-booking your entrance tickets, guiding, translating, and other incidental organisation are 12,000/HuF per hour + entrance tickets – prices below.
    Prices are negotiable depending on group size & venues.


Aquincum – Roman site & Museum: half a day – Adult 800HuF/Student 600HuF/Group 600HuF each
Turkish baths & tomb – half a day –
Statue Park – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 1,000HuF
House of Terror – 1,000HuF each/ groups up to 20
1956 Tour – 2.5 hours; 65,000HuF/group
Communist Tour – 2.5 hours; 65,000HuF/group
World War II tour + Bunker Museum – 1,400 Adults & Students museum entry
Great Synagogue + Museum – Adult 3,000/Student 2,000Huf
Jewish Budapest walking tour – 2.5 hours; 65,000HuF/group
Holocaust Memorial Centre – Adults 1,400HuF/ Students 700HuF
Talk with Holocaust Survivor – 1.5 hours; 45,000HuF (incl. drink)
‘The story of Judapest’ talk – 1.5 hours; 45,000HuF (incl. drink)
Hungarian National Museum – 500HuF each/students in group
Budapest History Museum – 600HuF each/groups of 10+; Students/900HuF
Museum of Military History – Adult 1,500 HuF/Student 750HuF
Museum of Medical History – Adult 750HuF/ Student 350HuF
Golden Eagle Pharmacy – Adult 500HuF/ Student 250 HuF
Hospital in the Rock – Adult 3,600HuF/; Student 1,800HuF/EU citizens only; groups of 15+ get 10% discount
Ambulance Museum – Free museum entrance


Szemlőhegyi cave – Adult 1,300HuF/ Student 1,000HuF
Pálvölgyi cave – (short tour) Adult 1,400HuF/ Student 1,100HuF / groups 1,000HuF each – (long tour) 4 hours: 2 caves, with our special expert, incl. entrance fee & geog.talk, 120,000HuF/group
Budapest Zoo – Adult 2,500HuF/ Student 1,900HuF/ groups 1,400HuF
Natural History Museum – Adults 1,600HuF/ Students 800HuF
Museum of Agriculture – Adult 1,200HuF/ Student 600HuF


Old Liszt Academy & Musuem – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 750HuF/ group 500HuF
Liszt Music Academy – Adult 2,900HuF/ Student 1,450HuF
Opera House tour – 2,900HuF/ person
Bartok Memorial House – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 750HuF/ group 500HuF
Kodály House – must be pre-booked;
Kodály Institute (Kecskemét) + singing lesson – FULL DAY; price on application
Museum of Music History – Adult 600HuF/ Student 300HuF/

Visual Arts

Hungarian National Gallery – Adult 900HuF/ Student 900HuF
Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art – from 900HuF/ person
Hall of Art – 650HuF each/ groups of 10+
Vasarely Museum – Adult or Student 800HuF/ groups (EU only) 400HuF
Kogart Gallery – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 750HuF/ groups of 15+ 375HuF
Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts – Adult 1,000HuF/ Student 500HuF
Art Nouveau tour – 2.5 hours; 65,000HUF/group
Museum of Applied Arts – Adult 2,200HuF/ Student 880HuF
Miksa Róth Memorial House – Adult 500HuF/ Student 250HuF
Imre Varga Museum – Adult 800HuF/ Student 400HuF
Hungarian House of Photography – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 700HuF/ groups of 10+ 450HuF
Robert Capa Centre – Adult 1,500HuF/ Student 800HuF / groups of 15+ 20% discount


Art Nouveau tour – 3 hours; 65,000HuF/group
Bauhaus tour – 3 hours; 65,000HuF/group
Socialist-Realist tour – 3 hours; 65,000HuF/group
Contemporary tour – 3 hours; 65,000HuF/group

Folk Culture

Dance House Meeting & Fayre (when available) – 1,300HuF (when available)
Szentendre Open-air Museum – Adult 2,000HuF/ Student 1,000HuF
Szentendre town + Open-air Museum – Adult (26-62 yrs.) 2,000HuF/ Student (6-26yrs) 1,000HuF
Hungary Ethnographic Museum – Adult 1,400HuF/ Student 1,000HuF/ group 700HuF
Easter/Xmas Fayre tour – 2.5 hours; 45,000HuF/ group
Zsigmond Kun Folk Collection – Adult 800HuF/ Student 600HuF/ group of 10+ 400HuF

General Tours

Parliament – EU Adult 2,200HuF/ EU Student 1,200HuF; non-EU Adult 5,400HuF/ Student 2,800HuF
Great Market Hall – 1.5 hours; 35,000HuF/group
Szentendre town – Guided day-trip to the town by HÉV, 120,000HuF/group incl. train ticket
Szentendre town + Open-air museum – 180,000HuF/group incl. train ticket & museum entrance
Ecseri Flea Market – (only open Sat.& Sun.) – 75,000HuF/group incl. lángos (Hung. speciality food)
Castle District walking tour – 2.5 hours; 65,000HuF/group
+Matthias Church – Adults 1,500HuF/ Students 1,000HuF
+Fisherman’s Bastion – Adults 1,600HuF/ Students 350HuF
Café & cake – 75,000HuF/group, incl. coffee & 2 cakes each
Thermal Bath experience – Prices vary from between Adult 5,700HuF and 3,700HuF depending  on which baths and whether weekday or weekend
Church walk –
Miscellaneous Museums – please ask us which you would like to visit and we’ll let you know
Planetarium – 1,500HuF/ person

Fun Extras

Fungarian – 1 hour class & intro. to Hungary, 55,000HuF/ group
Hungarian Cookery Class – In professional kitchen,
27,000HuF/per person
Children’s railway & chair lift
– 12,000HuF/hour/group
Danube boat trip – on the Legenda
Escape Room experience
– 18,000HuF/group of 6 max.
Invisible Exhibition
– Adult 1,990HuF/ Student 1,700HuF/ groups 1,500HuF
Huntgarian Tour
– 4 hours; 85,000HuF/group
Margaret Island walk
– 12,000HuF/hour/group
City Park – skating
– Adults 1,500-2,000HuF/ Students 1,000-1,500HuF depending on day

Other Costs

Compared to costs in other European capital cities, prices in Hungary are very favourable.
Below are some approximate prices you can expect to pay for things like public transport, food etc. (All prices are approximate and may change, these are just to give you some indication for budgeting purposes).
This website gives the prices of a range of goods and can be used for reference.

Public transport pass:

  • 24 hours – 1,650 HuF
  • 3 days – 4,150 HuF
  • 1 week – 4,950 HuF


  • Budget (incl. own bathrooms): 11,000HuF/ per person
  • Comfortable: 19,000HuF/ per person
  • Luxury: 32,000HuF/ per person

All accommodation will be centrally located and have been approved by us. Please discuss your requirements with us.