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We like to think of Budapest as an Open-air Classroom. The variety in the city is enormous: from caves in the hills to Turkish baths, and from communist statues to the old Jewish ghetto; from folk culture to food culture, and from Roman mosaics to contemporary art.

In the following pages we have suggestions for a variety of tours connected to I/GCSE and ‘A’ level subjects and the I.B. programme, as well general tours which give an overview of the city and its unique culture. We have indicated estimated lengths of times and costs for the tours (see Planning Your Trip) – all you have to do is choose as many as will fit into the days you’re planning to spend!

We also have themed tours which combine activities connected with a central theme, as well as expert speakers who can give talks and answer questions on the specialist topic.

In addition there is a page of Fun Extras – some of these are dependent on the time of year: skating and Christmas markets in the winter, Easter folk traditions in the spring, as well as both indoor, outdoor and evening activities all the year round.

Just let us know how much time you have and what you’d like to do, and we can start planning with you….

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