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Fun Extras



When in Rome….. Fungarian is a novel way to learn some words and phrases in the local lingo! Hugely successful with visitors to Budapest, many tourists spend an hour learning what has been referred to as the European Chinese! Fungarian is not just a great way to pick up some language, but also some of the culture of Hungary.

Hungarian Cookery class

Hungary is probably most famous for its Gulyás soup, but there is so much more to Hungarian cuisine.
We can organise a cookery class where your students not only get to cook the food in a professional kitchen, but can eat what they’ve produced.

Children’s Railway & chairlift

A wonderful trip up into the hills above the city begins with taking the cogwheel railway. From its terminus, following a short walk through the woods, you can take the children’s railway which continues up through this nature reserve. (This was originally the Pioneer railway of the communist era, and entirely run by children.)
From one of the stops of this train you can walk up through woodland to the top of the chairlift. The ride down over the woods and with the whole city spread out below you, is spectacular.

The Danube

Day or night, walking by the Danube, travelling by tram alongside it, or taking a boat trip on it are all ways of spending some quiet time while you take in the fabulous views….A night-time boat trip is unforgettable.

Escape Rooms

A recent craze in Budapest is its Escape Rooms or Exit Games. This is a perfect activity on a rainy day.

Invisible Exhibition

The Invisible Exhibition is a fascinating and ‘eye-opening’ experience of what it is to be blind. Groups are led in pitch darkness through a number of areas such as a wood, a street and a café, led by a blind guide. It gives an instant and unforgettable experience of being deprived of your sight, and some understanding of the world blind people inhabit. Gadgets the blind use can be tried out, including Braille typewriters, and visitors can try walking through a maze, blindfolded. Dinners in the dark are also offered..

Budapest City Game

This is a fun activity for groups around the city involving photo assignments and identifying landmarks, using the clues provided. Each group will be accompanied by an English-speaking Hungarian student guide.
This is great for team-building and exploring the city – and winning prizes.
(For more details see here. )

Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

The Margaret island lies in the middle of the river – it is traffic free and can easily be reached by public transport or on foot from the Margaret bridge. The island is 2.5km long and half a kilometre wide;
it offers respite from the city’s noise as well as a great variety of activities: (click on the photos for captions)

City Park (Városliget)

The City Park has a number of available activities on offer: the boating lake in summer, the skating rink in winter; the Széchenyi thermal baths; the beautiful zoo; the Agricultural Museum; the Museum of Transport; the circus, and the park itself….


Cinema going in Budapest can prove to be a very varied experience, and very different from the run-of-the-mill multiplex cinemas to be found in other large cities. There are many Arts cinemas in the city showing films in their original languages, which are quirky, grand, and interesting in their own right. Another great idea for bad weather or an evening out.


Christmas in Budapest is all about its markets. Here you will find handicrafts and unique presents to take home, as well as delicious hot food. The main avenues and boulevards are stunningly lit and an atmosphere of traditional Christmas pervades the city.
The fabulous production of The Nutcracker at the Opera House is also un-missable, though due to large numbers of people travelling to Budapest just to see it, tickets have to be bought well in advance!

Ruinpubs (Romkocsmák)

Despite their name, these venues do not function primarily as pubs.
Budapest’s Ruinpubs came into being when abandoned buildings and courtyards were filled with disused furniture and used as spaces for young people to meet. More like community centres, they have art exhibitions, show films, and are frequented by all ages, including children. With their unique, quirky atmosphere, they have become social hubs, a very popular phenomenon in Budapest with locals and tourists alike.


Budapest has a permanent big top circus building in the City Park which hosts both national and international shows and performers of a high standard. (Houdini, incidentally, was Hungarian.)


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