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How it works – What’s included

Educational Tours Hungary provides support throughout your group’s visit, with one of our staff accompanying your group from arrival to departure (or for the length of your chosen tour) – something not provided by other tour operators.

We believe it is important that groups have this support throughout to avoid difficulties and misunderstandings caused by linguistic misunderstandings. Time is valuable and we ensure that both teachers and students spend the maximum of time on their trips and not sorting out local bureaucracy and practicalities.
All of our programmes can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your school. We know that costs are an important factor, and for this reason we have decided to give an approximate idea of prices (see Planning Your Trip) though these can change before the time of your visit. We will update this information for you when you contact us about your trip.

How it Works

  1. You book your flights and arrange your travel insurance.
  2.   Using our Planning Your Trip page select the tours/lectures you would like to take during your stay.
  3.   Contact us and we can help you arrange your accommodation according to your budget.
  4.   We will let you know what other tours may be available at the time of your stay. We will discuss the best schedule of tours over your available time period. PRICES FOR ALL TOURS ARE GIVEN ON THE PLANNING YOUR TRIP PAGE

What’s included

You can opt for any of the following:

1. Individual tours:

  • you opt for as many of the tours / specialist lectures etc. as you would like
  • we arrange meeting times and places, buying your tickets in advance, accompanying you to the site, interpreting/translating if required
  • we take you back to your hotel or place nominated by you
  • the cost for the tour will include your entrance tickets, the local (museum) guide, and our guide.

2. Whole day tours:

  • you choose tours to fill a day (generally one morning trip, one afternoon + evening dinner)
  • we meet you from your hotel and return you there at the end of the day
  • the cost for the day will include a light lunch and a 3-course dinner in a restaurant
  • all interpreting/translating, guiding is included
  • we will arrange entrance tickets in advance as well as transport tickets for you, if required
  • the cost for the day will include your entrance tickets, the local (museum) guide, our guide, & meals as described above.

3. All-inclusive tours (more than one day):

  • you let us have your travel dates and flight times
  • we will meet you at the airport, arrange your transfer into the city, and be with you throughout your visit
  • we will arrange accommodation for you in accordance with your budget and requirements
  • we will organise transport tickets for your group
  • we will buy all other entrance tickets in advance and make any other arrangements necessary
  • we will accompany you on all visits
  • local (museum) guide will be included
  • all interpreting and translating services are included
  • a light lunch and 3-course dinner will be included on each day
  • we will accompany you back to the airport, transport is included.


Sample history itinerary : World War II & Communism

BUDGET – 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS   from EUR 490/person

From airport to airport all-inclusive service: hostel or 3-star hotel, 3 meals a day (breakfast, light lunch and dinner), local transport, entrance tickets, program fees – based on a group of 20 students and 2 teachers.