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How it works – What’s included

Educational Tours Hungary provides support throughout your group’s visit, with one of our staff accompanying your group from arrival to departure (or for the length of your chosen tour) – something not provided by other tour operators.

We believe it is important that groups have this support throughout to avoid difficulties and misunderstandings caused by linguistic misunderstandings. Time is valuable and we ensure that both teachers and students spend the maximum of time on their trips and not sorting out local bureaucracy and practicalities.
All of our programmes can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your school. We know that costs are an important factor, and for this reason we have decided to give an approximate idea of prices (see Planning Your Trip) though these can change before the time of your visit. We will update this information for you when you contact us about your trip.

How it Works

  1. You book your flights and arrange your travel insurance.
  2.   Using our Planning Your Trip page select the tours/lectures you would like to take during your stay.
  3.   Contact us and we can help you arrange your accommodation according to your budget.
  4.   We will let you know what other tours may be available at the time of your stay. We will discuss the best schedule of tours over your available time period. PRICES FOR ALL TOURS ARE GIVEN ON THE PLANNING YOUR TRIP PAGE

What’s included

You can opt for any of the following:

1. Individual tours:

  • you opt for as many of the tours / specialist lectures etc. as you would like
  • we arrange meeting times and places, buying your tickets in advance, accompanying you to the site, interpreting/translating if required
  • we take you back to your hotel or place nominated by you
  • the cost for the tour will include your entrance tickets, the local (museum) guide, and our guide.

2. Whole day tours:

  • you choose tours to fill a day (generally one morning trip, one afternoon + evening dinner)
  • we meet you from your hotel and return you there at the end of the day
  • the cost for the day will include a light lunch and a 3-course dinner in a restaurant
  • all interpreting/translating, guiding is included
  • we will arrange entrance tickets in advance as well as transport tickets for you, if required
  • the cost for the day will include your entrance tickets, the local (museum) guide, our guide, & meals as described above.

3. All-inclusive tours (more than one day):

  • you let us have your travel dates and flight times
  • we will meet you at the airport, arrange your transfer into the city, and be with you throughout your visit
  • we will arrange accommodation for you in accordance with your budget and requirements
  • we will organise transport tickets for your group
  • we will buy all other entrance tickets in advance and make any other arrangements necessary
  • we will accompany you on all visits
  • local (museum) guide will be included
  • all interpreting and translating services are included
  • a light lunch and 3-course dinner will be included on each day
  • we will accompany you back to the airport, transport is included.


Sample itinerary

BUDGET – 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS   from EUR 520/person

From airport to airport all-inclusive service: hostel or 3-star hotel, 3 meals a day (breakfast, light lunch and dinner), local transport, entrance tickets, program fees – based on a group of 20 students and 2 teachers.

World War II & Communism





  • Arrival at Buadapest Airport
  • Transfer to hotel


  • Lunch
  • Walking tour: orientation, Buda and Pest
  • Fungarian lesson


  • Dinner
  • Hungary quiz



  • Castle District (World Heritage site)


  • Lunch
  • Trip to Buda hills incl. chair lift


  • Dinner
  • Ruin pub evening



  • Jewish walking tour – synagogue
  • Jewish district


  • Lunch
  • Huntgarian – team-building city activity competition


  • Dinner
  • Evening with Hungary’s Rubik cube champions



  • 2nd World War/ Communist tour


  • Lunch
  • Escape Room experience


  • Dinner
  • River trip – Budapest by night



  • Great Market Hall – souvenir shopping & lunch


  • Transfer to airport


NAME OF THE TOUR Welcome Lunch
DESCRIPTION Participants will have a gulyás menu. Soup, fresh bread and curd pasta. Optional pancake.

During the meal you will have a short illustrated presentation on the history of gulyás, the special Hungarian ingredients and a short guide to Hungarian cuisine. Finally, they get the recipe of goulash and a small sample of paprika. Additionally, you will recieve a short list of restaurant phrases with practical words like LISZTÉRZÉKENY or VEGETÁRIÁNUS VAGYOK (I’m gluten sensitive or vegetarian).

HIGHLIGHTS ·        Why it’s gulyás (and not goulash!)

·        Hungarian ethnic cuisine

·        learning practical survival phrases

GROUP SIZE 10 to 30 (pls. enquire for larger group)
DURATION 1.5 hours
PRICE EUR 350/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 15.

Price includes a three-course meal, a soft drink, handout and paprika gift.


NAME OF THE TOUR Buda and Pest Tour by Public Transport
DESCRIPTION Budapest features a remarkably comprehensive and efficient public-transport system, so to truly experience Hungary’s capital the way that locals do, there is no better way of getting around the city than by tram, bus, metro, and even ferryboat. During our 3.5-hour tour, you will not only try five different means of transport but also have a special guided tour of the city – much more fun than being locked up on a sightseeing bus! It’s a real-life experience – get to know Budapest like a true local.
  • A 3.5-hour Budapest tour where you learn how to use the public-transport system first-hand
  • Visit major Budapest landmarks, including Heroes’ Square, the Great Synagogue and memorable selfie spots
  • A brief Danube River cruise by public ferryboat
  • Other means of travel include metro, tram, trolleybus and the first underground in Europe
  • do the BUDAPEST FUN QUIZ while travelling!
GROUP SIZE groups of 10 – 12
DURATION 3.5 hours
PRICE EUR 350/group up to 12, each additional student EUR 15.

Price includes a map, a handout, a snack (pogácsa) and a soft drink.


NAME OF THE TOUR HUNGARY QUIZ 101 combined with Dinner
DESCRIPTION A highly entertaining program including 15 questions about Hungary (trivia, fun facts). We take the opportunity of evaluating the answers by providing new information about the language, history and everyday life including lots of visual material. The winning team gets a prize.
HIGHLIGHTS ·        learning about Hungary

·        using your inventiveness in answering quiz questions

  • educational entertainment
GROUP SIZE groups of 10 – 40
PRICE EUR 150/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 5

Price includes a gift retro chocolate bar for all and a major prize for the winning team.


DESCRIPTION A light-hearted language learning program during which participants learn to pronounce Hungarian words and acquire ten phrases that they can use in everday situations.
HIGHLIGHTS ·        Hungarian-style breakfast with local specialties

·        learning Hungarian sounds and the rhythm of the language

·        practising survival phrases

  • educational entertainment
GROUP SIZE groups of 10 – 40
DURATION 40 minutes
PRICE EUR 120/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 4

Price includes a notebook, a gift pen, a handout with essential Hungarian vocabulary.


DESCRIPTION HUNTgarian is a unique cultural treasure hunt, an informative, entertaining way to discover Budapest. You’ll be divided in to teams of 5 and compete for prizes by exploring the city using clues to solve a list of diverse challenges including fact finding, photo challenges, communicating with locals and buying specific items.

At the end of the game each group’s will results will be evaluated. The best team gets a prize.

HIGHLIGHTS ·        discovering the city

·        communicating with locals

·        being inventive in completing tasks

GROUP SIZE 10 to 50
DURATION 3.5 hours depending on the size of the group
PRICE EUR 480/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 10.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Children’s Railway and Buda Hills
DESCRIPTION A fun excursion to the Buda Hills. You will get to the terminal of the Children’s Railway (originally called Pioneers’ Railway) by the city’s unique means of transport: the cogwheel railway. Apart from a joy ride on the narrow-gauge railway, you can learn about the work of the children who run the system. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the operators, get acquainted with their work behind the scenes and ask questions about their job.

After a ride we’ll take a short walk through the hills to the landmark Erzsébet Lookout Tower on János Hill, and come back to the city by a two-seater chairlift.

HIGHLIGHTS ·        finding out about the communist origins of this railway

·        discovering the hills of Buda

·        learning about practical sights that make a city attractive

GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 4 hours
PRICE EUR 580/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 20.

Price includes local guide’s fee, childrens’ railway ticket, Lookout Tower entrance ticket, Chairlift ticket and a Pioneer retro chocolate bar.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Meet the Rubik Champion combined with Dinner
DESCRIPTION How visual and skillful are you? Meet the Hungarian Champion of Rubik Cube Competition who will make a presentation about the Magic Cube – then test your own skills! After practising we will have a real competition and the winner will be awarded a certificate and an authentic Made-in-Hungary Rubik cube.
HIGHLIGHTS ·        getting acquainted with the magic world of the cube

·        challenging your skills

·        having fun with the game

GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
PRICE EUR 180/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 5.

Price includes the first prize. Purchase of cube on the spot will be made available.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Bike tour to and Sightseeing in Szentendre
DESCRIPTION During this 5-hour bike tour we’ll cycle along the Danube on a professionally built cycle lane to the scenic medieval town of Szentendre. One way is less than 2 hours. After spending a relaxing time in this picturesque town and eating a lángos, we’ll cycle back to Budapest.
HIGHLIGHTS ·        enjoying the Hungarian countryside

·        experiencing the feeling of small town Hungary

·        enjoying the freedom of being on the road and being safe

GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 5 hours
PRICE EUR 580/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 25.

Price includes bicycle rental, fee of tour leaders and supervisors, a snack (lángos) and a soft drink.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Visit to the Bunker Museum
DESCRIPTION The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum is a relic of wartime Budapest. It was established during the carpet bombing of Budapest in July 1944 , used as an emergency surgical hospital during the fights in the 1956 Revolution, and was planned to be a Cold War shelter in the event of nuclear war. The visit includes an interactive program in which you yourself can act as a hospital worker.

We will also use the opportunity of this visit to reconstruct a war situation and make a list of things that change people’s everyday lives.

HIGHLIGHTS ·        learning about the siege of Budapest 1944/45

·        the Cold War

·        the 1956 Revolution

·        heroism of people in a war situation

GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 1.5 hours
PRICE EUR 220/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 8.

Price includes the entrance ticket, local tour guide and worksheet.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY The 1956 Revolution Memorial Tour
DESCRIPTION The 1956 Revolution that shook the world was triggered by students and fought by teenagers. During our memorial tour we will visit places where the major events took place and we will re-enact many of the dramatic moments with the help of a literary script.
  • Reliving the events of October 23rd by visiting sites of the most important events
  • Learning about the history of the Revolution through eyewitness accounts
  • Studying documents and relics connected to the uprising
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the real nature of communism and tyrannical regimes, not only in Hungary but throughout the Eastern Bloc
  • Evaluating the legacy and the afterlife of the Revolution
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 3 hours
PRICE EUR 350/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 8.

Price includes a factsheet and a script.


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Meeting with Hungarian peer group
DESCRIPTION Meet your Hungarian peers, discuss differences and similarities of lifestyle and opportunities for the future. Exchange views and opinions on some specific issues. A Hungarian student/five guest students will participate at this informal meeting.
  • meeting a local
  • learning in depth about Budapest and Hungary
  • increasing intercultural awareness
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 1.5 hours
PRICE EUR 80/group up to 20


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Communism Retro Tour
DESCRIPTION Communism wasn’t just deprivation and misery, it was fun too! During this tour we’ll look at the bright side of everyday life in Communist times. First of all, it will be a Trabant tour, the funny East German “plastic car.” We will drive to the Memento Park with a stop at the Citadel on the top of Gellert Hill. After 20-25 minutes of chugging we arrive at Memento Park where you will get an opportunity to try or drive the Trabant in an enclosed parking area. This can be scheduled before or after the guided visit to Memento Park. The group will be split up into small teams (8-12  per team) in order to make the visit more entertaining. Teams will participate in some communism-inspired board games and pay a visit to the statue collection with their tour guide and work-book. You can then enjoy 30 minutes’ free-time with taking photos, trying the Trabis, exchanging views or watching some frames from the movie ‘The Life of an Agent’.

After the thought-provoking visit to Memento Park we return to the city.

  • feeling the spirit of Communism through art
  • the Trabant adventure
  • becoming more aware of how a totalitarian system works
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 3 hours
PRICE EUR 1400/group of 20, each additional person EUR 70


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Parliament – guided tour
DESCRIPTION Take a guided tour of Hungary’s Parliament, the third-largest Parliament building in the world. Marvel at the great vaulted hall, the richly decorated central staircase, the Hungarian Crown Jewels, and the Hungarian Holy Crown, on this popular tour.

On this 45-minute guided tour you’ll visit the interior of the magnificent Houses of Parliament in Budapest, built in the Gothic Revival style.

Your guide will show you the splendid session room, the richly decorated central staircase, and the great vaulted hall. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the cupola room as well, which houses the Hungarian Crown Jewels and the Hungarian Holy Crown.

  • the 1000-year-old Holy Crown
  • unique architecture
  • becoming more aware of how the Hungarian Parliament
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
PRICE EUR 90/group of 20, for participants from EU countries



NAME OF THE ACTIVITY The Queen Show combined with Dinner
DESCRIPTION It was in 1986 that Freddy Mercury sang a Hungarian folk song in Hungarian during the unforgettable band Queen’s concert in Budapest, reading the lyrics from his palm. It was an emotional moment for all Hungarians. Let’s reproduce it with the assistance of our music teacher, Marci. He will teach you to sing it, making you stars for at least 15 minutes!

Here is the original scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2O4dZgAIcU

  • learning about Hungarian music
  • learning by the Kodály method
  • have fun singing together
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 40 minutes
PRICE EUR 120/group of 20



NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Palatinus Swimming Pool and Baths
DESCRIPTION Spend a relaxing 2.5 hours at one of the most scenic baths of Budapest located on the Margaret island. The complex houses 11 pools including two hot spring pools.

The trip also includes touring the Margaret Island, a green oasis for locals.

  • learning about the history of the Margaret Island
  • the water experience
  • eating lángos!
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 3 hours
PRICE EUR 360/group of 20

Price includes entrance ticket, a lángos (Hungarian ’pizza’) and a soft drink

Deep-fried dough sounds disgusting! Sorry. (Langos is wonderful – don’t want to put them off…..)



NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Souvenir shopping
DESCRIPTION The hardest moment of a trip is buying souvenirs for yourself and your family. Our guide will help you by giving tips and taking you to small souvenir shops and antique bazaars where you can find authentic presents more interesting than just a fridge magnet!
  • unique Hungarian gifts
  • finding exotic places
  • shopping!
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 1-2 hours
PRICE EUR 90/group of 20



NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Illuminated Budapest Walking Tour
DESCRIPTION Budapest by night is a unique visual experience. There is nothing better than to enjoy the view from the Fishermen’s Bastion undisturbed by hordes of tourists. Our walking tour includes a stroll across Chain Bridge and after rambling by the river we will back across Margaret Bridge.
  • enjoying the stunning panorama with illuminated buildings
  • learning about the history of the Buda Castle
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 2.5 hours
PRICE EUR 180/group of 20


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY Illuminated Budapest by Trabant
DESCRIPTION Budapest by night is a unique visual experience. To add to the experience this tour is taken in Trabants (3 people + driver/car). We will hit four spectacular scenes that otherwise would be time-consuming to cover: Heroes’ Square – Andrássy út – Parliament – the Citadell on Gellért Hill. At each location the group will meet and the lead guide will tell you what you can see.
  • enjoying the sights in a different light
  • the night feeling of the city
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 2.5 hours
PRICE EUR 1260/group of 20 – price varies according to number of cars needed



NAME OF THE ACTIVITY The House of Terror Museum
DESCRIPTION This Museum is a monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in this building during the Second World War and in the Stalinist era. The Museum presents and documents the horrors of totalitarian régimes in a chilling and immediate way.

Following the visit to the Museum we’ll have an interactive session when we’ll analyse how and why such things could happen and if there is a chance that such horrors can happen again.

  • learning about the nature of totalitarian systems
  • analysing the psychology of the abuse of power
  • discussing conclusions
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 3 hours
PRICE EUR 280/group of 20

Price includes the entrance ticket and a free soft drink at a café where the wrap-up session will take place


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY The Ecseri Flea Market Tour
DESCRIPTION Immerse yourself in the unique scene of Budapest’s local flea market where countless antiques, curios, and artefacts of Hungary’s pre-war and communist era await, all at the Ecseri Flea Market. Hungarian characters that you will never meet elsewhere populate this fascinating bazaar, with its buzzing energy coloured by the trinkets and treasures that sparkle and amaze shoppers and onlookers. From fur hats to furniture to walking sticks to communist medals, an unpredictable assortment is always ready for perusal here. You might even find some souvenirs…

This tour is scheduled only for Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Historical explanation of  merchandise offered at varied sellers’ stands
  • An introduction to the different types of Hungarian artworks offered in the market
  • Have fun with communicating with the sellers
  • Enjoying the market fever
GROUP SIZE 15 – 20
DURATION 4 hours including transport
PRICE EUR 290/group of 20

Price includes a lángos (the best Hungarian ’pizza’ in town) and a free soft drink.


NAME OF THE TOUR Buda & Pest Boat Trip
DESCRIPTION You will board one of the spectacular Legenda boats and enjoy a one-hour cruise on the Danube. You can listen to the story of Pest and Buda, the legends about the city, and see it from a different perspective.

Budapest can best be mapped up by taking the bridges as orientation points. By the end of the cruise you’ll be able to make sense of the city’s layout.

More details: https://legenda.hu/en/duna-bella

HIGHLIGHTS ·        major sights of the city seen from a special vista

·        learning about the history of Budapest

·        enjoying a free drink

GROUP SIZE 10 to 40
DURATION 1.5 hours
PRICE EUR 280/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 14.

Price includes a handout listing the sights, and a soft drink.


NAME OF THE TOUR Home Visit  – A Day in the Life of a Local     
DESCRIPTION Peep into the lives of locals. We invite you for a local tour to the 8th District, a ‘village’ in the city. We’ll start the tour by visiting a typical late 19th century residential building with a courtyard. You’ll get acquainted with the lifestyle of the people when the house was built and also with the turbulant history of the dwellers of the building ever since.

The home visit will be followed by a short walk to the local market where you can see the wide array of products that are essential parts of Hungarian cuisine. Here you can also try Hungarian fast food including schnitzel, sausage, lángos or palacsinta – things that locals eat.

HIGHLIGHTS ·        the feeling of getting connected to locals

·        learning about Hungarian food

·        comparing your lifestyle with a Hungarian’s

GROUP SIZE 10 -20  to 40
DURATION 1.5 hours
PRICE EUR 280/group up to 20, each additional student EUR 14.

Price includes a welcome pogácsa (savoury scone), tea or coffee and a lángos or palacsinta (pancake) at the market.

FURTHER TOURS tailored to special interets are available at request

  1. Hollywood in Budapest

We walk around several film locations where the film action actually happened. Budapest is often depicted as Berlin, New York or Paris.

Duration: 3 hours

  1. True or False Tour

for Budapest lovers.
We tell you a story about places and events and you guess whether it’s true or false. 10 scenes – if you get 10 right answers, we’ll return 50% of the tour fee.
Duration: 2 hours


  1. Street Art and Statue Culture

Murals and other forms of street art are relatively new to Budapest. We’ll take you to the best spots and combine the experience with trying Hungarian street food.
Duration: 1.5 hours

  1. Best Selfie Points + City of Statues

Best Selfie Points in Buda and Pest – as done by Richard Ayaode when he came with us!! Make your own souvenir album. Recommended for narcissists.
Duration: 1.5 hours

  1. Kerepesi Cemetery Tour

Learn about the greatest Hungarian heroes and artists at their artistic grave memorials. Hungarian cemetery culture is very different from the West’s. We will explain why.
Duration: 2 hours

  1. Who are the Gypsies?

A visit to the 8th District, contributions of the Roma people to Hungarian culture; Romani design – fashion workshop; Erika’s palm reading, Gypsy music.
Duration: 1.5 hours

  1. The Caves of Buda

A special 5-kilometre walking tour in the Buda hills including two cave tours (Szemlőhegyi and Pálvölgyi caves). Potholing also available. Guided by our licensed cave tour guide and expert.
Duration: 3 hours

  1. Tom Hanks and Hollywood Celebs in Budapest

Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood stars. Film locations in Budapest. Hollywood comes to Budapest.

Duration: 3 hours Duration: 3 hours